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 Fallen Wings

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PostSubject: Fallen Wings   Tue 02 Aug 2011, 4:33 pm

at this time are guild is just starting as we get more lvles and people we will begin the good stuff like guild events dungeon runs guild wars thresher hunting and more

so till than i want these things :

aiding the guild in quest items for leveling as well as money we need more quest items than money tho so don't feel u have to give any money

finding rare weps and armor u don't need and adding them to bank to aid fellow members

finding new and active members to help the guild progress in all i have said


be kind and friendly to fellow to all members if this rule is broken being band from the forums will determine on how mean and rouged u have been to that person

no kill steeling and if u went on a dungeon run and did not help u get nothing unless its alright with the person how did fight if some one of are own guild were to do such a thing plz report them for admitted banding of the guild

be kind to other guild even if they are mean to u we don't want a bad rep but if a guild were to do things such as killing repeatedly and stilling we will put a bounty on there head and notify are guild so that a stronger aponeit of us may fight him if the already have a bounty then its event better / we want the credit and titles that come with for bounty hunting so that's why we put bounty's on there heads

warning: ban dosten mean kicked from guild i will dicied the finel judgment on a member if these acts of rule braking ocher
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Fallen Wings
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